Engine Analyzer and Boost Controller

    Software Updates

    Stealth/3000GT ECU version

    UPDATE415.zip - version 4.15, supports new LCDBC Add-on cable.  This cable can read all computers on our vehicles such as ABS, SRS, Automatic Tranny, Climate control, ECS, Cruise, ETACS.

    AEM ECU version

    AEMUPDATE400.zip - version 4.00 supports the LCDBC Add-on device, so you can read the SRS, ABS, ETACS, Cruise, ECS, A/C Climate control, and automatic transmission computer.



    LCDBC  User Manual - Stealth/3000GT  ECU version

    LCDBC Installation Manual - Stealth/3000GT ECU version

    LCDBC AEM EMS ECU version,  setup guide

    LCDBC AEM EMS ECU version, User Manual

    GALLERY of customer installs



      LCD display connector, rotary encoder connector, etc uses this:

      JST XH crimp pins, Part number SXH-001T-P0.6, or Digikey part number 455-1135-1-ND

      Older LCDBC units used smaller connectors for their external pressure sensors, Ext1, and Ext2 :

      JST EH crimp pins, Part number SEH-001T-P0.6, or Digikey part number 455-1042-1-ND

      LCD screen:

      Digikey part number, NHD-0216K1Z-FS(RGB)-FBW-REV1-ND

      You're welcome to order any replacement parts from me, just send a message.


    3 LCDBC units in stock, ready to ship.

    Purchase from these websites:




    Price is $230 USD, shipping included to USA and Canada. Includes  your choice of OBD1 (91-93), or OBD2/MUT cable (94-99).


    Options: External pressure sensor harness +$5
    Options: External sensor 1 harness +$5
    Options: External sensor 2 harness +$5
    Options: 3D printed plastic (black) air vent adapter +$5
    Options: 3D printed plastic (black) coin tray + $15
    Options: 3D printed plastic (black) ashtray + $20

    Paypal address:   antero_jussila   @   yahoo.com



    If you disconnect/reconnect the connectors often, you might separate the pins from the wires. 

    Pulling on the wires is a bad idea, use a flat head screw driver to pry the connectors from the LCDBC box. 

    If you hot-glue the connectors, this will give it stength.



    A Screen Reset fix for batch 1 & batch 2 --  if yours doesn't power on consistently.

    TFTFlasher111.zip - fixed logging bug (removed Strings C++ memory leak), you can now

    reset the TFT Logger by pressing + and - buttons simultaneously.  O2 voltages had to be divided by 100 in the datalog, this is fixed.  Injector Duty Cycle now represented with 1 decimal place.



    Change LCDBC v2 to v3 with Microprocessor upgrade

    old LCDBC v2 User Manual

    Update227.zip - for LCDBC v2 with big memory microprocessor

    Update104.zip - v1.04 for LCDBC v2 AEM version

    Update18.zip - v1.8 for LCDBC v1


    email:    antero_jussila    @  yahoo.com